Panasonic KX-NS1000 IP PBX

Progressive Communications - Panasonic NS-1000 VoIP PBX Solution

The KX-NS1000 features seamless integration of telecommunications, voicemail, email, instant messaging and fax enhancing collaboration and empowering employees to act faster and make better decisions. With easy installation to connect to existing Panasonic communication systems and a highly intuitive interface, it offers an economical and seamless migration to advanced network features.

Staying connected has never been so easy. With Mobility your personnel keep productivity up whether making sales calls, servicing customers or in between appointments. Mobility gives users the control on how they wish to communicate. Through a client on their Smartphone (Android® and iOS®), users can display their status to their colleagues, initiate and receive voice and/or video calls, initiate a three-way conference call, receive voice mail notification and perform a variety of other communications functions. Mobility is like taking your office with you when you are on the go, which ensures business productivity is maximized.

Built-in applications support a call center’s basic needs such as queue announcement, live status monitoring, activity reports, automatic conversation recording and storage. Calls can be transferred without an operator.

Fail-safe redundant backup systems when combining multiple servers in various office locations. If one server goes down the call traffic will be immediately rerouted to another server that would then deliver your calls to the same office that had its server go down.